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When I wanted to build a story-telling enterprise

There is a story in my head, that I wanted to tell you for a while. I would say it has been there for several years already, but I never took the time to tell you.

You should know, that I am not a very good story-teller. I have little to no experience with it. But I still think my story is really good and you should hear it – only then will you be able to judge yourself, won't you?

There is a problem though. In my day to day life I am a web app developer. I know how to develop apps and how to publish websites. And I am an entrepreneur. I have built a successful development studio in the past. I know how to build up companies and I know how businesses ares run and projects are completed in time, budget and quality. I also know how to manage a team and motive others to do their best. I am not a designer myself, but I can tell good and bad products apart. And I can articulate my expectations.
But none of this expertise seemed to help me in getting the story out of my head, so you can hear and enjoy it.

I even started to write down the story in my native language German. And I put together a first taste of the story in about 50 pages. Of course I am not happy with it. First of all I want the story to be initially be told in English, so I could reach as many people as possible. Also my German writing skills are ok, but of course not those of a killer story teller. Also I was struggling with character creation. You will love the main characters of my story. But right now the supporting people in my story are kind of replaceable and not unique. I also struggle in keeping the tension and surprise moments high, even though a lot of important events are taking place, the way I describe them is mediocre at most. All of this made me very unhappy.

Until I truly understood the power of teamwork. What if I wouldn't write the story all by myself? I would hire a co-writer to help me with language and all the struggles I had with developing a plot, while I provided her or him with the milestones of the plot and ideas of details that could happen. Together we will create a story that is by far better, than whatever I could come up with in years. And we will also make sure I can tell you the story before I pass away.

So this is when I decided to create another company, organisation or enterprise of some form. I want to build a collaboration of authors, concept artists, illustrators, translators and animators, to be able to tell you my story. My long-term aim is to be able to publish ebooks, gaming apps and even short movies about my story.

And in this blog I will keep you updated on my process. And I will keep myself motivated. I would love, if you would follow me on this daunting journey to build a story-telling enterprise. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or get notified, when the story is available.

In the meantime I started my search for authors, translators from German to English, concept artists and illustrators. If you think you want to work with me on this project, let me know.