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Concept art brings your characters to life and keeps you motivated

So this is what happened since last time you heard from me. I started to talk to translators, concept artists and authors. Julianne Stone is a concept artist for video game characters and she loves telling stories through art. Her unique style reached and impressed me. So I asked her to do a first draft of one of the characters of the story I will tell you. I think I was lucky to find her, as she seemed to could read my mind about the young woman I want to depict. The choice of colors was unexpected to me – to be honest I haven't thought about a personal color style of my characters yet – but I immediately loved it.

See and decide for yourself. Isn't this convincing?

Concept art for a character by Julianne Stone

I feel that the decision to create a concept art draft at this point was right. Seeing this character starting to come to life is very motivating. When I got the first sketches by Julianne, the very first thing I did, was revisit the manuscript of the story I have. It is about 50 pages long, German language and some parts are very cheesy. Well that's why I will have it translated into English and have an experienced author improve and extend it. (To be able to publish it as the first act of the story I think you should hear).
So I read through half of the pages and improved the German language, added details about this characters behavior, removed cheesy, tendentious lines or unwillingly discriminating, prejudiced or sexist sentences. You wouldn't know, how different you feel and think about parts of a story you have written years ago, and how much the story matured in my mind since then.

Well I will keep you updated about my progress, my plan is to have the full story revised in German by next week, so I can hand it off to one of the reliable translators I got quotations from.

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